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Xubuntu Remote Desktop (VNC)

Posted by on Friday, 22 May, 2009

Xubuntu 8.10 has no remote desktop / vnc server setup by default.

This will allow us to simply remote desktop the console session (must be logged in to work), which is all I need.

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Throttle SSH Connections

Posted by on Friday, 22 May, 2009

I run this on my VPS to throttle SSH connections from dictionary attacks (OR disable keyboard based auth and alow only shared keys. No key, no access!).

Configure your services properly rather than relying on a firewall to secure you against lazy configurations. This is all I use IPTables for.

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Installing Fonts

Posted by on Friday, 22 May, 2009

Best monospaced font ever is Consolas from Microsoft. It’s installed with the Office 2007/03 Compatibility Pack and with Office 2007. So you’ll need an instance of Windows with Office 2003/07 to get this font, it also comes with Visual Studio I think (as that is what this font was designed for, people looking at code all day)..

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