Looking at the PostGIS 2.0 Release

April 25, 2012 Posted by
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The PostGIS database project made its long-awaited 2.0.0 release in April, marking the culmination of more than two years of development. PostGIS is an industrial-strength geographical database that serves as the storage system for a wide range of g…

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Start Fine-Tuning Sudo on Linux

April 24, 2012 Posted by
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The sudo utility is one of the workhorses of Linux, but it's often not used as skillfully as it could be. If you're just using sudo to provide full root access to regular users, it's time to take a step back and fine-tune sudo to be a bi…

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Weekend Project: Discover Linux Astronomy Tools

April 21, 2012 Posted by
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Considering Linux's foothold in everything from embedded devices to supercomputers, describing the project's growth as astronomical is no exaggeration. But it is a literal truth, too, as Linux and open source software power scores of profess…

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